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Appcowear Sports Wristband

AppcoWear has launched this new sports wristband with share capability. With this wristband your contact information is shared with one "tap" to any read NFC device .

With the AppcoWear sports smart wristband device, you're on the go whether it's work play or at the local gym. This wearable device is secure and compatible with any Android or IOS system. It also links to all the social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram and it works direct with your cell phone and much more.
Gain the unique ability to universally share Wherever You Are with this cost-effective unit.

The smart wristband is one of the most effective ways to simply share your information whenever needed. Think about it as your small go to dependable device to share your information. With it's very easy to use system already programmed to your Appcowear App you have no reason to not slip it on and let it do the sharing for you.

Headphone Sports Smart Watch With Touchless Contact Sharable App

Sports Watch 2 With Touchless Contact Sharable App

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The Headphone Sports Smart Watch is a split smart color screen watch. After the removal of the host, the watch can be used as a wireless earphone to receive and make calls or listen to music; After the host is put back, it can be used as a sports watch to view messages and weather, and measure heart rate and blood pressure, support multiple sports modes such as running, climbing and riding; Built-in NFC chip in the watch strap can realize a variety of information sharing and IOT functions.

Complete Health Data

Fitness statistics, sleep statistics, heart rate statistics, blood pressure statistics, various health data available.

Wireless Earphone | Sport Watch | NFC Strap

The watch can be used as a Bluetooth earphone, take it out to answer the call and put it back to hang up

Alarm clock, stop watch, remote camera, sedentary reminder, water reminder, find the Phone, support IP54 waterproof level, a practical portable equipment for you.

Built-in new generation of NFC chip, support a variety of cloud services, extensible and compatible with thirdparty NFC applications.

Support sharing of business cards, websites and files by touching, support one click to add social APP accounts.